Claudia & Steffen (Austria) 07.2012.

Thank you for everything, we enjoyed your house very much and had a great week with excellent music.

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  1. Tangela

    25 January 2017 at 6:45 am

    Nice.. I remember being very fed up the first time I tried to eat at Wahaca and encountered the (unexpected) wait system, but as you say, if you're planning for it and are happy popping into a local bar, it's no bad th3&I.gtn#i9;s especially pleasant when that bar is the French House in the case of Polpetto..The Americans are, apparently, now going beyond the no reservations policy.. at the Spotted Pig the other week I learned that certain, select regulars can make reservations.. but you have to be invited apparently! Are they going full circle?Rich

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